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Alix Lucas

Alix Lucas is a Paris born artist and photographer. 

She was an energetic kid. After a short stint as an art theatre director at age 6, she started working on aviation engine prototypes as an 8 year old. When she realised that the market was already saturated, she decided to do something else with her life and share her vibrant imaginary world.  

After graduating with a Masters in Art History, her relatives finally convinced her that the art world was not a so called, “proper life”.


After 5 years in the banking industry, she realised her initial passion was the right one: she was always meant to be a creative. She sold everything she possessed, and flew to the vibrant artistic community of Berlin. 


In 2016, after a decade of digital photography, Alix started embracing the experimental possibilities of analog photography. She was first exposed to it when her neighbour gave her an old Yashica camera from the 1970’s. The camera was broken, and she loved the aesthetic of the prints it produced in the dark room. 

She started collecting old and broken cameras in flea markets and focused on the emotions, vulnerabilities, and flaws behind the human creative process. 


In contrast to crisp sharp perfection of digital, Alix uses analog to channel unpredictable and dreamy results. The abstract comes into focus, the imagination is initiated and space is opened up for the viewer to offer their own interpretation of what has been created.

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