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Nanna Koekoek


Nanna Koekoek is a Dutch American illustrator based in East London. She is the third generation in her family to make a living out of drawing. Being a terribly shy, self-doubting teenager she almost went for a conventional career, but in her mid twenties the dip pen was calling her.

From her yellow desk in her shared studio in Hackney, London, Nanna works on commissions and as well as on her own projects. Work varies from maps to album artwork, flyers and editorial illustrations (where no subject is too dull!). This involves LOTS of black ink and a bit of Photoshop. 

Illustration by Nanna Koekoek

Vincent Van Damme

Born and raised in Paris, Vincent's parents met at work, fell in love, gave life to a boy which they decided to name after the best painter of all times, because it was fun, just fun, no pressure at all, kid... Just take these pencils, in case you want to draw a Christmas tree or a field of sunflowers...


Then they both went live in the south of France, giving enough space to their prodigal son so he could develop his own creativity in the City of Lights. Too bad, Vincent sucked at painting, barely used colours at all, and preferred to draw grotesque characters in the margin of his school notebooks...


Devorah Livadna

Devorah Livadna was born in the bosom of the Bulgarian Rhodopi Mountains, she spent her early childhood days as an outlaw, shooting passers by with her florescent green water pistol from the fourth floor of her grandmother’s apartment balcony and stealing sweets from distracted adults.


Moving to England at 7 years influenced her ideas and views dramatically, some might tell you that she became timid and shy but she still had a huge imagination and a wild streak. 


Jördis Hirsch

< she was sent to earth in a human shape >

< her mission is to find out if it's worth keeping the species of mankind by testing their sense for aesthetics, empathy and respect 

< she began undercover as one of a million schoolkids in the metropolis of Berlin, to study human behaviour intensely before moving to the countryside >


Tineke Noppers

Growing up in Coevorden, the Netherlands, she was mainly active studying varieties of bugs, drawing like mad.

After dropping out of high school, she found herself at the Willem de Kooning Artschool in Rotterdam in 2003 where she started to study illustration. In 2005 she switched to the painting department at The Royal Artschool in Den Haag. She participated in the Erasmus exchange at KabK in Weissensee, Berlin, where she finally learned a lot more than how to perfectly empty the oilpaint tube with a broomstick.


Jordan Cook

Based in the UK, Jordan Cook is an artist and illustrator who is often working afoot, drawing and making with a focused and critical visual language. His work is concerned in the history of the built environment and its relationship with the human body, using drawing as a tool to document and narrate the growth of urban change.

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