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Devorah Livadna

Devorah Livadna was born in the bosom of the Bulgarian Rhodopi Mountains, she spent her early childhood days as an outlaw, shooting passers by with her florescent green water pistol from the fourth floor of her grandmother’s apartment balcony and stealing sweets from distracted adults.


Moving to England at 7 years influenced her ideas and views dramatically, some might tell you that she became timid and shy but she still had a huge imagination and a wild streak. Since then she prefers to go against the grain, and is piecing together a life as an artist, illustrator, art tutor.


Recently hearing that Berlin is surrounded by many lakes and forests, she flew over from London after her Masters in Children’s Book Illustration, as she likes to escape reality for brief moments, so that she could run around in the woods naked and feel liberated.

She is partial to a cinnamon bun or two, and is pursuing her dream of working by the sea eating them, in a wooden house drawing books for children and adults.

Look at her website & Instagram.

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