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Nanna Koekoek


Nanna Koekoek is a Dutch American illustrator based in East London. She is the third generation in her family to make a living out of drawing. Being a terribly shy, self-doubting teenager she almost went for a conventional career, but in her mid twenties the dip pen was calling her.


From her yellow desk in her shared studio in Hackney, London, Nanna works on commissions and as well as on her own projects. Work varies from maps to album artwork, flyers and editorial illustrations (where no subject is too dull!). This involves LOTS of black ink and a bit of Photoshop.


When Nanna isn't drawing she loves to spin records, ride her bike or go on a pub carpet crawl. She is an avid collector of food shaped crockery, masks, naïve (bad) art, zines, ceramic flasks in the shape of books, and all things yellow.


Nanna has made an original painting for Somewhere, Maybe Here, plus a number of beautiful sketches. See above...

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