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Nerea Ariznabarreta Izcue


Nerea is a performer, clown, pianist and teacher. She works internationally and in her home of the Basque Country, where she often works in the Basque language and with other local companies and artists.


She has been training and stuying theater, body expression, dance and music for many years and she continues doing it. She trained at “Taller de Artes Escenicas” (Vitoria), “Bont’s International Clown School” (Ibiza),  LISPA (London International School of Performing Arts), Inazio Bereziartua music and dance conservatory, and at University of Physical Activity and Sports. She has always been fascinated by form and the connection between different performance disciplines. Somewhere, Maybe Here is a project that has made her interested in screenings and theater and that has made her open up as a musician. This interest in joining music and theater takes her to create in the Basque Country NAITA produkzioak and one of her latest creations is the musical storytelling As diverse as beautiful and internationally with the company Calor the adaptation of The House of  Bernarda Alba to expressive musical theater.


In 2008 she co-founded company Zurrumurru Antzerki, which she ran for nine years and with whom she began diving into storytelling and finding the pleasure of performing in theaters of the Basque Country with Clownstrophobia in the field and on the streets of Spain with various productions such as The flea circus. 


She continues her career collaborating in various productions with varios ensembles such as Laurentzi Producciones, Lekim Animaciones, Compañía Muyuyay, Zurrunka Teatro, En La Lona highlighting Exodo with which She has performed in the Czech Republic, France, Belgium and Malaysia.


In 2017 she was consultant director with Zurrunka Teatro, Karrikako Traperuak and Perrunizate, she taught at the prestigious  Internacional Laboratory YindeYan, continued her teaching for children in Arropaineko Arragua, running a weekly course of Theater for adults in Banarte Antzerki Taldea, a weekly course of clown for empowerment of women (in association with the Zarauz Equality Department) and teaching music for children and adults.

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