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Open Call - talk to the angel

We invite you to collaborate with us, to start an artistic conversation and make a piece of work/s in response to the angel.

Have a look at the short clip of some of the angel’s adventures until now and see where it takes you. We’re interested in how you respond and what it brings up in you and your practice. All media are accepted.

The project Somewhere, Maybe Here will launch a crowdfunding campaign at the end of February 2018. Your collaboration could be part of the exhibition for the crowdfunding launch party, on Saturday 3rd March. Selected artwork may also be sold as part of the crowdfunding campaign’s gifts. If you participate in the Open Call, you agree to donate your angel artwork to the collective. You could donate the original and/or digital prints/copies of it. International artists already collaborating with us include screenprinter Devorah Livadna, illustrator Nanna Koekoek and graphic artist Vincent Van Damme.

---- What we offer to the selected artists: - 40% of the sale when the angel artwork is be sold during the crowdfunding campaign

- Participation in the collective exhibition for the crowdfunding launch event in Berlin at the end of February. You will also have the possibility to exhibit up to 3 of your other personal works and put them for sale. No commissions will be asked. How to submit your work: - By post to: ZK/U (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik) Alix Lucas, Project “Somewhere Maybe Here” Siemensstraße 27 10551 Berlin - Drop in in ZK/U (Siemensstraße 27, 10551 Berlin), by appointment only! Email us to arrange. Deadline for the submission: Monday 26/02/2018, 09:00

If you have any questions, please email us!

Information on the project:

Somewhere, Maybe Here is a call for connection from a stranger, a fallen angel who arrives to the city, to Berlin.

Performance-maker Cat Gerrard met this particular angel two years ago, a few months after she’d just moved to the city. At one point it became clear the angel wanted to get out of the studio and onto the streets. Somewhere, Maybe Here was Cat’s first artistic excursion to step over the distance she felt and to try to really encounter the people and the place in which she found herself. It was a beautiful, exhilarating and provoking encounter.

With an expanded team (Alix Lucas, Hugo Reis and Angharad Matthews) we are re-working Somewhere, Maybe Here in Spring 2018 – taking to the streets with a couple of cameras and a pair of wings. The piece will become a silent film, to be screened with live accompaniment on the piano and with an accompanying analogue photographic exhibition. And we’re really excited to reach out and sink in our roots into the local and/or international artistic community.

Have a look at our website for more information...

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