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The Angel postcards - The "Angel&City" set

Before launching our crowdfunding campaign, we made an open call to artists, asking them to make their own creation with their own interpretation of the angel. The French illustrator Vincent Van Damme answered with this beautiful triptych.

His painstaking lines show with precision details the surroundings of the city. The contrast between black and white make the images breathtaking!

If you're familiar with Berlin, perhaps you can guess where this first image is? We were filming there just today...

​In this set of postcard, the angel is almost invisible, but even so, her spirit is taking over the whole image.

You can get this set of 3 postcards on our crowdfunding platform, along with an exclusive sticker for 10e. You can also get a digital copy of the artwork (high quality print) , in A3, its original size. The image is even more stunning, you'll be able to see all the details of Vincent's creations. One piece costs 75e, the whole triptyc 250e. Click here!

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