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The Angel postcards - The colourful set

Here is our set of coloured postcards, made by female artists only. Girl Power! The 3 selected artists are Nanna Koekoek and Jördis Hirsch, with media techniques along with Alix Lucas, with digital photography. Nanna Koekoek, a Dutch/American artist based in London, links her work to childhood imagery, with her recognizable 'homemade' touch. She created this wonderful postcard, the most colourful of the whole set, illustrating a happy angel wandering amongst the mountains. It shares the genuine and naive side of the angel, always curious to discover this new world.

The second postcard was created by Jördis Hirsch, a Berlin born artist. Her style is very much linked to motions: it's almost like you could feel her creations alive! She enjoys most to draw cute creatures and animals, but with a dark hidden side. Her version of the angel is a good example of it: stumbling on a ladder, will the Angel reach her goal?

The third postcard of the set is from Alix Lucas, a French photographer based in Berlin. She captured here the Angel struggling with catching the light beam, perhaps one remembrance of her former world.

You can get this set of 3 postcards on our crowdfunding platform, along with an exclusive sticker for 10e. Click here!

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