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Thank You

To all the audience angels who came to the previews at Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte and Euskal Zine Bilera.

To Nadine, Sonja, Gabi, Marco and Leander at Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte - thank you for giving us the space and support to share our project with you. 

To the creative team: Hugo ReisAngharad Matthews & Alix Lucas - thanks for your craft, care and attention.

To the music team: Tim Isherwood, Patrick Soul, Mariano Hurtado Bravo - thanks for your joyful and relaxed expertise, ideas & keyboards!

To Valeria Tomasulo: thanks for being a joy to work with and for naming our new BAND! (The Sensemakers)

To all my wonderful students at LISPA/ thanks for your unequivocal support, your generosity (in laughter and all other things) and your endless curiosity. You teach me as much off-stage as I could ever learn on-stage. As the current (& next) generation of performance makers you make me feel supremely hopeful.

A special shout out to Saraï Merodio OgaraDespina Filippidou (also for the illicit performance photos), Irene Hernando EtxeberriaPaulina SzczęsnaYang Hui Tsyr and Berta van Goed for your particular support at the gates of the previews. It's a rare thing to feel so safe and taken care of in that mad pre-show period. You can hold our baby any time. 

To everyone who has supported us along the way as we get nearer and nearer to the premiere - everyone who donated to the crowdfunding campaign last year (special shout out to Ros Stoddart and Julia Correa), to everyone who has given us the opportunities, tools, encouragement and feedback we needed at different moments, from all over the world. A big hug of thanks especially to Maider Illana at Arropaineko Arragua.

To the artists who responded to the angel in different ways, in different moments - Vincent Van DammeNanna Koekoek, Devorah Livadna, Jördis Hirsch & Tineke Noppers.

To our family/biggest fans - Dani AkriggAmelie SeibHeleen (Over There) Klooker, Louise Matthews, Ander Barriuso Muñoa & Maiallen

To our Clown Godmother Jools Voce - thank you for your wisdom, ENTHUSIASM and support. You are the angel's pointy feet.

To all the people that met the angel in the street, those who had a moment to spare in their very busy days to play with her. Thank you. And to all those yet to meet her...

To any one else I missed by name - you are in my heart, if not in my immediate post-preview memory.


And to the other half of this crazy pair whirling around like dervishes: Nerea Ariznabarreta. Thanks for being as ridiculous and unrealistic/ambitious as me and for playing (the piano/with the audience/with me) with all your heart! It's a pleasure to co-parent this piece with you.


Thank you.


(*takes off hat, places on heart, bows head*)

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