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Photo by Manos Fotiou

Cat Gerrard

Cat is an English-Polish performance-maker and storyteller, based in Berlin.


Her parents travelled the world before settling in a “pleasant riverside town” (as her Mum’s job description generously put it; otherwise known as the London suburb of Teddington). The only thing of note that ever happened in Teddington is that Monty Python filmed the Fish Slapping Dance down at said “pleasant riverside”. Cat grew up in Teddington and later moved to the centre of town, until London pushed her and Berlin pulled her.

Cat Gerrad

Alix Lucas

Alix Lucas is a Paris born visual artist and photographer. 

She was an energetic kid. After a short stint as an art theatre director at age 6, she started working on aviation engine prototypes as an 8 year old.


When she realised that the market was already saturated, she decided to do something else with her life and share her vibrant imaginary world.  

After graduating with a Masters in Art History, her relatives finally convinced her that the art world was not a so called, “proper life”.

Alix Lucas

Photo by Sandro Mosco

Hugo Reis

Hugo Reis is an artist born in 1989 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He grew up in a home where the television was constantly turned on, so when he started doing amateur theatre in 2003, he had the dream of becoming a telenovela star.


Photo by Amy Gibson

Angharad Matthews

Angharad was born and bred in South Wales amongst rolling hills and stormy seas. 


She was a curious child, with a love and interest in people, nature and seeing as much of the world as possible.


After completing her art foundation and nearly getting swayed by the fashion industry she finally realised that her heart was in the theatre (both back stage and on the stage).

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Nerea Ariznabaretta

Nerea is a performer, clown, pianist and teacher. She works internationally and in her home of the Basque Country, where she often works in the Basque language and with other local companies and artists.


She has been training and stuying theater, body expression, dance and music for many years and she continues doing it. She trained at “Taller de Artes Escenicas” (Vitoria), “Bont’s International Clown School” (Ibiza),  LISPA (London International School of Performing Arts), Inazio Bereziartua music and dance conservatory, and at University of Physical Activity and Sports.

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