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Jördis Hirsch

< she was sent to earth in a human shape >

< her mission is to find out if it's worth keeping the species of mankind by testing their sense for aesthetics, empathy and respect 

< she began undercover as one of a million schoolkids in the metropolis of Berlin, to study human behaviour intensely before moving to the countryside >

< there she prepared discretely the rescue of the earthlings by sending pictorial protocols about life on earth to the headquarters to show them that earthlings are respectful folks filled with intelligence, emotions and a deep knowledge for the correlations of this world, because of their ability to create something non-commercial orientated so called „art“ >

< her behaviour became so close to human standards that the committee decided that she should get deeper into the human system by studying human beliefs and religions in different parts of the world >

< she continues her procedure quite subtly by joining art school and moving to Berlin (known as the city of artists) again after passing all kind of human examinations >

< until now humans are not able to read the code hidden in the lines and forms of her protocols, but they have decided to present them like their own artworks >

< there is still no decision made if humankind has a future or will be pulverised by the huge gamma ray pointed in the earths direction >

< as long as art is produced on earth nothing has happened yet >

< she perseveres her advances in her mission  day by day – you can observe her activities here:
to guarantee the continuation of life on earth>


< sometimes she wonders if there are others with the same mission on this planet>

< the code is so well written that even for her it's hard to read>

< she dreams about the possibility that all artwork could be a protocol to prove humanity>

<This report will vanish from your memory in less than 15 minutes>

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